About Me

I am a certified elementary teacher and graduate of Texas A&M University. Educated in the recent teaching practices, I have dedicated myself to spending time helping individual students reach their educational goals. Tutoring is my passion. I love having my days filled with tutoring sessions and interactions students and their families! When not tutoring I enjoy spending time with my husband, baking, walking on the beach, and devouring books from the library.


Licensed to teach grades Pre-K-6th in the state of Texas

Magna Cum Laude graduate of Texas A&M’s College of Education and Human Development

How I Teach

Having been in the classroom, I understand that not all students learn the same, and that the current educational model upon which our country works cannot teach on each student’s learning style or level. With this in mind, I plan for and teach each of my students on an individual level. I focus on the student’s learning gaps, personality, learning style and specific needs when planning for each session. My sessions incorporate games and hands on learning to make learning fun and accessible. I keep a lot of tactile, visual, and auditory materials on hand to cater to all learning styles.

What I Teach 

All subjects in grades Pre-K through 6th.

Why I Teach

I have seen and experienced first hand the frustration that a child and their family can experience when the classroom curriculum isn’t giving the child what they need. Every child learns differently. I have a passion and mission to give my tutoring students the confidence and tools to learn in a way that works for them. I love that each one of my students is unique, and believe for that reason each of my lessons for them should be individual and unique as well.  I strive to make learning accessible to all students and families that I teach, and to create life long learners that are prepared for the classroom and life!

My Location

I am a traveling tutor, therefore my location depends on yours. I meet my students in a neutral location that is convenient for them. I do most of my sessions in Downtown Pensacola, but I am always venturing someplace new!

Tutoring Rates

  • Grades K-3rd- $20 per one hour session
  • Grades 4th-6th- $25 per one hour session

Rates are subject to change. Home visits may be up-charged to compensate for travel depending on distance.

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